Air defense

Air forces require increasingly sophisticated technologies (in terms of weapon systems, mission planning, navigation and observation) to conduct a broad range of complex missions under very harsh conditions

Sagem (Safran group) boasts internationally recognized expertise in the design, development and manufacture of equipment and systems incorporating the latest developments in avionics, inertial guidance, infrared optronics and image stabilization/processing. Sagem is a supplier on major combat aircraft and helicopter programs such as Rafale, Mirage, NH90, Tiger, etc.

Key figures

Inertial navigation
No. 1 in Europe and No. 3 worldwide

Optronics systems
No. 1 in Europe

Our solutions

  • Weapon systems

    Sagem (Safran group) boasts world-class expertise in infrared detection, navigation and data/image processing

  • Avionics and navigation

    Sagem (Safran group) boasts world-renowned expertise in avionics and inertial navigation

  • Observation

    Sagem (Safran group) offers a range of observation equipment incorporating the latest developments in infrared optronics and image stabilization/processing, from infrared cameras to multi-channel surveillance systems


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