AVIC is an important industrial partner for Safran in China. Safran has worked closely with AVIC for some 40 years, through complete or partial production under license of the Safran's Arriel 1 and Arriel 2C helicopter engines and Safran autopilots for the Z9/H425 helicopter. More than 10 AVIC plants produce aircraft equipment parts for Safran. In 2011, AVIC Aircraft and Safran Nacelles formed a joint venture, Xi'an SAVI Nacelles Co., Ltd, to produce all the A320 CFM56® thrust reversers doors. In the future, SAVI Nacelles will also produce nacelle assemblies for COMAC C919 nacelles as part of an IPS (Integrated Propulsion System). Safran is also a major supplier to AVIC MA700, MA600 and MA60 aircraft.

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