Safran Aero Boosters - Partner to major engine-makers

Partner to the major world’s engine manufacturers, Safran Aero Boosters designs, develops and produces modules (low pressure compressors), equipment (lubrication equipment for aircraft engines and flow regulation valves for space propulsion) and test cells for aerospace engines. Safran Aero Boosters invests 20% of its annual revenues in R&D, to develop the innovative, integrated solutions that continuously improve engine performance. Safran Aero Boosters holds leadership positions in its business sectors.


The company equips most commercial aircraft in all thrust ranges: from the largest engines for long-haul aircraft (A340, B777, B777X, A380, B787, B747-8) to the medium-sized (A320, B737 and C919) and small engines used in regional aviation (Embraer 190, ARJ21) and most recently in business aviation (Cessna Longitude, Facon 5X and Bombardier Global 7000-8000).

Safran Test Cells is the Center of Excellence for aero-engine testing for the Safran Group and is a leader in aerospace technologies for the testing of all types of aerospace propulsion engines.  Safran Test Cells provides testing solutions for applications from the largest civil turbofans and military turbojets to turboshaft and turboprop engines.  Safran Test Cells works hand-in-glove with our customers to provide services and equipment for turnkey test facilities, upgrades for existing facilities and Service and Maintenance to support our customers.  Safran Test Cells' customers consist of the OEM's of aero-engines, airlines involved in the overhaul and maintenance of aero-engines, military and independent MROs which provide overhaul and testing.  Safran Test Cells also specializes in the design and manufacture of specific test equipment such as test enabling hardware under the trademark of EoLines™.





Safran Aero Boosters in China


As test cell engineering unit of Safran Aero Boosters, Safran Test Cells has been active in China for more than 25 years and has been privileged to be a part of the aviation industry providing equipment and testing facilities for several Chinese customers. 

Safran Test Cells has been a key supplier for facilities in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Zhuhai and Xiamen. Along with supporting these facilities, in 2012 the company was awarded a contract by AECC CAE in Shanghai to build two new development test cells for the first Chinese commercial turbofan engine, the CJ1000. This indicates not only the confidence accorded by our Chinese customers but also the long-term commitment that Safran Test Cells has to the Chinese market. The company has also established a team in China for the support of the market, which is a further commitment to our vision for China andwas recently awarded a contract for a turboshaft facility at Dongan and further expanding our presence in China with all different applications and engine types.

Safran Test Cells continues to keep the Chinese market as a primary target for its growth over the next decade and beyond. With the tremendous growth of the aerospace market in China, Safran Test Cells believes it is positioned very well to be a part of this growth with the supply of specialty test equipment and facilities to support the market. The company continues to increase its team in China to continuously support all its customers in the region, and provide all kinds of support and maintenance services, from preventive to curative maintenance requirements its customers may have. Safran Test Cells has also developed strong relationships with local Chinese manufacturers for the execution of itsdesigned products, since this could some time contribute to the success of its projects.



Laurent Brangs


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