Safran Electrical & Power - A world leader in aircraft electrical systems

As a world leader in aircraft electrical systems, Safran Electrical & Power designs and produces electrical systems for aircraft, spearheading Safran's strategic contribution to the development of "more electric" aircraft.

Aircraft today are going increasingly electric, as electrically-driven systems gradually replace the previously used hydraulic and pneumatic systems. This trend also entails a complete revamp of aircraft architecture, which is revolutionizing the aircraft industry. Safran is addressing these changing requirements by consolidating all of its operations concerning aircraft electrical systems within Safran Electrical & Power.

From design and development to production and support, Safran Electrical & Power covers all aspects of aircraft electrical systems, spanning power generation, distribution and conversion, wiring, load management, ventilation and systems integration. It enjoys an unrivaled position in this market, based on a complete range of proven products and expertise in integrated electrical systems, including wiring. With this unique combination of assets, Safran Electrical & Power offers innovative solutions, tailored to the exact needs of each customer. In particular the company has the skills and technologies needed to meet two of today's strategic goals, namely weight savings and greater flight safety.

Safran Electrical & Power is one of the top two companies worldwide in this market, and No. 1 in Europe. It has long been a top-tier partner to the world's leading aircraft manufacturers. For example, it is a supplier on all Boeing and Airbus models, including the 787 Dreamliner and the A380. The company also designs and produces the electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS) for COMAC's C919 jetliner, and is working on products for a number of business aircraft and helicopters.




Safran Electrical & Power in China


The development of Safran Electrical & Power in China is enhanced with the program of COMAC C919.


SAIFEI: A joint venture destined for the Chinese market


Early in 2009, COMAC and Safran already started to discuss about a possible joint venture for the Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS). On 2011, COMAC and Safran Electrical & Power signed the official agreement to create SAIFEI in order to provide all EWIS of the C919 of COMAC. Formally established in 2012, SAIFEI, the joint-venture between Safran Electrical & Power and COMAC, is responsible for the development, production and support of the EWIS cabling system on the C919 through a partnership agreement.

A joint venture destined for the Chinese market

The name SAIFEI (赛飞) is a combination of SAIFENG ("Safran" in Chinese) and SHANGFEI (the simplified name of COMAC in Chinese). It is the symbol of the close partnership between Safran and COMAC.

The manufacturing of the harnesses takes place in the Zhuqiao factory (near the new COMAC FAL), where the JV staff and the manufacturing people are located.

Today SAIFEI is putting great efforts and all necessary measures to deliver all harnesses required for the first Aircraft.




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