Safran Nacelles - A world leader in aircraft engine nacelles

As a world leader in aircraft engine nacelles, Safran Nacelles designs, produces and supports aircraft engine nacelles. The company calls on its unrivalled technological expertise to integrate all nacelle components and optimize the performance of aircraft propulsion systems.

Safran Nacelles is the only nacelle-maker in the world operating in all market segments, from business and regional jets to mainline commercial jets and is the leader globally for nacelles on top-of-the-line business jets. As a leading aircraft engine nacelle integrator, Safran Nacelles operates at the interface between the plane-maker, the engine-maker and the airline. Drawing on this pivotal position and its technical expertise, Safran Nacelles offers unrivaled solutions tailored to today's market: nacelles that are lighter (with a high percentage of composite materials or advanced metallic alloys), quieter, smarter, more electric and easier to service. Safran Nacelles calls on over 30 years of experience to give its customers integrated propulsion systems, combining the engine and the nacelle, which are completely assembled and already painted in the airline's colors.


The nacelle is the essential complement to the engine

It holds the engine, optimizes the air flows through the engine and protects the engine from any aggression. It is a high-tech complex system, which manages several basic functions such as noise abatement, deicing and the management of internal and external temperature differences, protection from fire and lightning, taking up loads between the engine and the pylon which connects it to the wing, braking (with the thrust reverser) and even the aesthetic appearance of the aircraft, in a harsh environment with numerous constraints.





Safran Nacelles in China


Safran Nacelles has already held a strong market position in China for years, with the activities in customer support, partnership development, production and global supply chain. This is the signature of the cooperation agreement with AVIC Aircraft during Aviation Expo China 2009 in Beijing, which was a milestone of this policy.

Savi Nacelle in Xian


SAVI Nacelles: Long-term Cooperation
Fruit of the agreement signed between AAC (AVIC subsidiary) and Safran Nacelles during Aviation Expo China 2009 in Beijing, the joint venture SAVI Nacelles in Xi'an, was officially inaugurated on September 19, 2011. SAVI Nacelles now produces all the A320 CFM56 thrust reversers doors. In the future SAVI Nacelles will also produce nacelle assemblies for COMAC C919 nacelle as part of an IPS (Integrated Propulsion System).


C919: A Major Presence with Nexcelle
Nexcelle, the joint venture between Safran Nacelles and GE aviation's Middle River Aircraft Systems, was selected by CFM International* to design and manufacture the nacelle for COMAC C919 LEAP-1C. An engineering center at COMAC was established in Shanghai with a dedicated team working closely with COMAC and acting as a link with the home base teams in France and the US in order to provide an accurate and quick response to the customer.
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*CFM International is a 50/50 joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE.


The Development of Other Partnerships
To strengthen its global supply chain, Safran Nacelles has developed a partnership with HAIC, a subsidiary of AVIC in Harbin, for the composite parts and assembly of Fan Cowl Doors on F7X/F8X and Silvercrest (F5X). The review of the first FCD F7X was accomplished in September 2012 and the production of the Chinese partner can satisfy today the overall needs from program F7X and F8X. The delivery of FCD Silvercrest started in 2014 and is today in the continuity of their development phase and serialization in order to ensure the needs of the program F5X. Meanwhile, Safran Nacelles is actively developing new local supply chain in China through its suppliers channels with the objective of powering some new projects for Safran Nacelles and SAVI Nacelles plant, the JV between  Safran Nacelles and AAC (AVIC Aircraft subsidiary), with sheet metal and mechanical parts.    


Customer Support & Services for Chinese Customers
More than 25% of civil aircraft in China, from business jets to A380, are equipped with Safran Nacelles products. Safran Nacelles provides the after-sales support to over 250 aircrafts and services to 20 Chinese airlines, with a large range of customers, such as Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Tianjin Airlines and Sichuan Airlines.



Because Safran Nacelles is designer as well as manufacturer, Airlines can stay ensured that, throughout the lifecycle of their nacelles, and 24/7, they will always benefit from a quality service. From in service operations, Safran Nacelles develops a relationship with customers that is aimed at full aircraft dispatch availability, as well as implements a plan to preserve the nacelle's asset value over time. Spares and access pool resources also are set up to maximize returns from airlines while providing flexibility and dedicated spares capabilities.

Safran Nacelles is broadening its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network, with locations and partnership around the globe: Safran Nacelles Europe Services at Pont-Audemer in France, the Aerostructures Middle East Services (AMES) joint venture in Dubai, and partnerships with SIAEC in Singapore, HAECO in Hong-Kong, and SDV in Beijing.

Safran Nacelles uses the capabilities of its own technical representative network to bring the highest technical support and product expertise value that customers require. Safran Nacelles programs are designed – and personnel resources are trained – to provide the operational assistance our customers require and expect at all times, supported by technical assistance and/or real-time logistics.

A service contract established with Safran Nacelles, includes guarantees such as parts availability, commitment on fleet equipment reliability, nacelle condition monitoring, full logistics management, along with predictable and controlled costs for the customer. Designed on a long term basis, Safran Nacelles' services programs are flexible and can be designed to meet the specifics needs requirements of customers.

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