A unique approach

Innovation is not just for specialists at Safran. An integral part of our DNA, innovation is omnipresent throughout the enterprise.

A unifying mindset

At Safran, we make innovation a pillar of our corporate culture to foster the creation and circulation of ideas. We are firmly committed to deploy a real "idea life cycle", as part of a structured approach based on employee-driven innovation.

From line workers to technicians to engineers, each and every person in our Group is encouraged to share their ideas. This participative approach cuts across all lines, including products, operations, customer service and project management. Saving time on a process is also innovation! Our short-term objective is one idea applied per person per year.

Continuous improvement

Operating in an atmosphere of continuous improvement, we count on the passion of the 65,500 Safran employees around the world. Their uncompromising approach, team spirit and diversity all form a prime mover for innovation.

Safran has also signed the "employee-driven innovation charter", initiated by the association Innov'acteurs to promote this approach in French industry. 


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The continuous improvement approach at Safran


Innovation Awards, an annual competition

Each year we organize a major competition, the Innovation Awards, recognizing the most innovative initiatives developed by our employees.

Over 95,000 improvement ideas were applied in 2015.

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