Onboard electronic systems

To optimize the reliability of its onboard electronic systems, Safran produces ultra-durable components capable of withstanding the full spectrum of in-flight environmental conditions.

Safety-critical software: reliability is key

Key aircraft functions – navigation and flight control, propulsion, landing, braking and information systems – are controlled via onboard electronic systems and associated safety-critical software.

As the name suggests, this software is critical for flight safety, and naturally has to meet stringent certification standards.

Thanks to our technological expertise, Safran is able to supply planemakers with increasingly sophisticated computers, printed circuit boards (PCB) and software.

Robust, reliable components

Safran's electronic systems have to be highly robust in order to withstand severe in-flight conditions such as high temperatures (up to 250°C close to the engines), magnetic fields, vibrations, etc.

We are developing new models of integrated circuits based on components originally designed for ground applications. The challenge is to adapt them to the specific requirements of the aerospace industry by using special "hardening" techniques, such as encapsulation, to ensure data integrity.


Temperature test of the NH90 FCC power supply board.
Temperature testing of the power supply board for the NH90 helicopter Flight Control Computer (FCC).

Safran and Valeo team up for autonomous vehicle research

Onboard systems developed by Safran are also used in other applications, notably in the automobile industry. In 2013, for example, we signed a partnership agreement with the car parts giant Valeo to conduct joint research into driving aids and autonomous vehicles.
The partners aim to pool their skills and expertise to speed up the development of innovative products, with a focus on four main areas:

  • Driver attention monitoring.
  • 360° ("wraparound") visibility.
  • Visibility in extreme weather.
  • Vehicle robotization/dronization, to boost vehicle autonomy.

In-house software lab

Safran has set up a dedicated in-house software lab, known as SYNCHRONe, as part of an innovative approach to the development of safety-critical software. The lab plays a key role in managing complexity and reducing software development cycles, as well as helping to meet stringent certification requirements.

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