Safran Helicopter Engines China - GM Assistant and Communication Manager in Beijing



Beijing/北京, 中国
无固定期限合同, 全职
汉语 精通, 英语 熟练, 法语 熟练


1. GM Assistant

  • - Provide professional secretarial support for GM's appointment bookings, filing, and handle telephone enquiries, duty travel arrangements, and customer contact.
  • - Plan, organize, and schedule of routine management GM meetings / appointments.
  • - Travel organization for GM and other VIP visitors
  • - Assist in preparation of various reports, letters, presentation materials and documentation for GM office.
  • - Assist GM and management team in Beijing Head Office in daily routine work.
  • - Coordinate reports, activities among the Branch/Division/Dept. Supervisors, with the reporting / recasting needs from the Headquarters.
  • - Contract Filing (Business, Admin, Interco). Handle confidential information and maintain the security of the executive's records and files. Administrate the contractual relations with non-business partners as well as manage the related operation.
  • - Management of the SHE China Balance Score Cards (BSC) regrouping the relevant KPIs and Coordinate with Quality Manager for the SHE China “Risk Management”.

2. General Secretary

  • - To coordinate the adequate provision of support functions by selected service providers, starting with but not limited to Safran China Shared Services Center (the CSP).
  • - Ensure within the Company that all support functions (principally in the financial, legal, administrative and human resources areas) are well provided as required by the Company to meet its operational objectives.
  • - Identify and promote whenever possible synergies with the group (to result typically into gains on efficiency, cost, risk control, compliancy, quality, etc.).
  • -To be assigned from time to time other coordination tasks from the GM as well as be granted some Delegation of Authority as required to smoothen the day-to-day operations.

3. Office Administration

  • - Create and manage administrative documentation, manuals and record templates.
  • - Provide other administrative duties as required.
  • - Provide administrative support for GM for day-to-day operations.
  • - Activities screening and responding to incoming correspondence, inquiries.
  • - Drafting letters and official information releases.

4. Communication manager

  • - Be the focal point for SHE China communication activities and the relay with: the Safran HE Communication Directorate, the Safran China Communications Directorate, the OEM team and the Front Office.
  • - Organize SHE communication events: internal (celebrations, corporate events), external (Tianjin Heli Expo) and Clients in support of the Front Office and the OEM team (Symposium, Seminars...).
  • - Participate in coordination meetings with SHE and Safran China Communication as well as communication seminar.
  • - Relay corporate communication to SHE China employees.
  • - Manage the communication budget in relation to OEM and FO.
  • - Ensure optimized management of the goodies for SHE in relation to OEM and FO.
  • - Write articles for INSITE internal communication and Wechat posts.


  • - Bachelor degree or plus in major of French, Administration Management or equivalent;
  • - Good command of three languages (Verbal and written): French, English and Chinese;
  • - Good level in using Microsoft Office software (Word, Power Point and Excel);
  • - Great respect for confidential information (Financial and Human Resources);
  • - Good communication skills and collaborate well across function and culture;
  • - Good sense of organization and customer relationship;
  • - Ability to work under VIP environment;
  • - Experience in expatriates' immigration field;
  • - Self-motivated, autonomic and professional with team spirit;
  • - Knowledge of multi-tasks management and time management;


Safran Helicopter Engines



赛峰直升机发动机公司(Safran Helicopter Engines)是直升机动力领域的世界领先者,公司从创立至今已生产超过75,000台发动机。该公司提供各种规格的涡轮发动机,公司的2,500名客户遍布155个国家。