Safran Nacelles - Aeronautical Mechanic in Tianjin



Tianjin/天津, 中国
无固定期限合同, 全职
英语 熟练, 汉语 精通


Attached to the Production Manager and integrated into a team, your main tasks and responsibilities will be :
Assembling (install or disassemble) nacelles, engine systems, nacelle components or equipment in accordance with the defined process, using all the recommended means and respecting the Quality, HSE and planning requirements.
Making sure of the availability and the conformity of the documentation (complete file and coherent indices) necessary for the realization of the operation of assembly and / or dismantling.
Making sure of the availability and the validity of the means of production, the products used and the parts necessary for the realization of the operation of assembly and / or disassembly.
Reporting any failure.
Handling the nacelle elements for making available on the workstation / tool mounting.
Putting rivets and make the joints PR
Adjusting some elements following the settings of the beams
Carrying out touch up painting
Clearly completing the associated documents which aim in particular to guarantee the traceability of the operations carried out.
Maintaining your workstation, your tool and your work area and you will ensure the absence of objects in the basket, in accordance with the FOD policy.
Identifying and report in real time all problems encountered and HSE risks to your manager.
Participating in continuous improvement actions of the production process.


You have a general aeronautical knowledge and you are strongly interested in this sector.
You have a good knowledge of the techniques of adjustment, assembly and installation of fixings.
You ensign to the respect of quality standards and tools of continuous improvement.
You understand technical documents (ranges, instruction sheets)
Behavior and skills:
You appreciate the precision work and manipulation of materials and tools with dexterity.
You work with autonomy, in the respect of the modus operandi
You appreciate to work in team, you have a good relationship, you are attentive, rigorous and careful.


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