Safran Aircraft Engines Suzhou - Flight test Quality Auditor in Yanliang (1 year contract)



Yanliang/阎良, 中国
固定期限合同, 全职, 1 year
汉语 精通, 英语 熟练


The Auditor will be attached to the Yanliang site but will be asked to perform audits on our flight test sites (Shanghai, DongYing, Nanchang or any future new site). The frequency of those audits will be 10 weeks per year and the auditor will be based on Yanliang site.
The Auditor will follow the interventions (under-wing or on spare engines) performed by the teams onsite (GE, Safran, Nexcell). During those audits, the auditor needs to:
Audit that maintenance instruction are properly implemented
Audit that technicians and engineers performing the tasks have the proper habilitations to do so
Audit that technicians and engineers apply the maintenance actions within the rules defined by central quality
Asses and give recommendations to avoid any damage risk for the IPS (Engine + Nacelle)
Asses and give recommendations to avoid any HSE risk for himself or others
Formalize a report summarizing the observation made during the maintenance action implementation
Audit the site warehouse and tooling


The Auditor needs to participate in the continuous improvement of quality by:
Formalizing and implementing an action plan to solve the deviation catched during the observation phase
Acting as a relay between the onsite flight test team and the Shanghai quality team to ensure application of rules and good practice. Provide a feedback about the field situation in order to continuously improve and adapt the rules. He will be in charge of holding the indicators relevant to the activity.
Acting as a relay to present and remain the rules. And if needed train local resources.
Participate or lead onsite investigations (root cause analysis) following non quality events
The intervention planning being very dynamic and maintenance not being always schedule in advance; the Auditor will need to be adaptable regarding his working schedule (without violating any HR rule) in order to be able to audit the interventions


Safran Aircraft Engines


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