Supplier Performance Leader



Suzhou, 中国
无固定期限合同, 全职
英语 熟练



1.Pilot the logistics and quality performance of the supplier panel in coordination with the procurement, quality and purchasing teams.

2.Define and pilot the monitoring plan. Validate its deployment with the procurement and quality teams. Validate the risk analysis and associated mitigation actions. Measure and analyse the effectiveness of the monitoring and ensure its continuous improvement

3.Plan, pilot and if necessary carry out audits and evaluations at the suppliers : rate readiness, load / capacity, production management, supply chain, quality, process, support maturity audit…. and ensure their follow up and closure

4.Consolidate on a monthly basis the reconcilied suppliers' performance. Ensure coherence with the measurement done by the suppliers. Establish and send the Scorecard.

5.Contribute to the supplier ratings

6.Carry out internal coordination reviews of supplier performance. Coordinate and follow up the action plans, both internal and at the supplier. Close out the action when effectiveness and sustainability is proven.

7.Pilot the action plans with repeatedly non performing suppliers. Validate the requests for corrective actions as well as supplier responses in the event of repeated and or major performance incidents (logistic crisis, quality alert…).

8.Within the framework of the purchasing contract, coordinate the improvement actions at the suppliers by

  • •Defining 6 monthly objectives

  • •Considering the contextual elements of the supplier relationship

  • ◦Commercial Relationship and supplier strategy

  • ◦Contracts in place

  • ◦Identified risks

  • ◦Delivered performance

  • •Ensuring the commitment of the supplier

  • •Organising and carrying out the diagnostic at the supplier

  • •Validating the action plan and assessing the effectiveness

1.Act as a focal point for all performance related issues for all Group procurement and program functions.

2.Participate in and ensure the good running of instances related to the piloting, reporting and flow down of supplier performance management

3.Prepare and lead the Supplier performance steering committees for “RED&BLACK” suppliers

4.Support any senior management meeting including industrial committee as required

5.Consolidate and transmit to suppliers costs caused by non-quality, non OTD in coordination with the buyer in charge of the supplier. Ensure the payment of the incurred costs.

6.Launch and coordinate application of logistics and order policy for all sites

7.Provide methodological support both internally and to the supplier.

8.Contribute to the improvement of internal processes related to supplier relations.

9.Support actions for the evaluation and preselection of new sources.

2. Skill and experience

1.8+ years proven experience in supplier performa


Safran Landing Systems


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